elise georgeson

Lebanon Turf

LebanonTurf provides innovative and leading performance products to the golf and landscape industries in North America and around the world, working on this redesign some of the larger challenges were repurposing the search through their massive product line, updating UI and design to be more modern and responsive

Role: Design, Art Direction, UX/UI

Lebanon Turf Redesign
Taking a look at the massive product line for Lebanon Turf presented a challenge for me and for it’s current users in being able to find what they need quickly and efficiently for users new the industry or users who have been involved in the industry and having some product knowledge. The below illustrates brainstorming ideas for IA, a new product finder and a more useful homepage to funnel users.


Product Finder
The product finder was a great improvement over what the client currently had set in place to help users sort through the large product offering especially if the user was not familiar with the how to use the product or it’s application.


User Testing
I created personas, questions and an interactive click through to show users our methodology and solutions that produced interesting findings. From there we were able to access what the pain points were and what the successes were in the discovery. I created a results summary to share with the client and real user data that informed our position moving forward.


Comparison Tool
Another new feature implemented in the new site was the product compare tool, being able to compare so many products with overlap created unique challenges but we were able to come up with a viable solution.