elise georgeson


Created key digital experiences for SAP to enhance fan experience at Levi's stadium, and Superbowl 50. Creation of branding from scratch that was consistent throughout all digital activations with a clean, simple and beautiful iOS look and feel.

Role: Art Direction, Design, UX/UI

Mood Board
Before starting off on any initial designs, it was imperative to creative a style and perspective from which to start. I started with inspiration from iOS applications. From this we were able to create a consistent and cohesive UI structure that informed all applications.

SAP Stats Zone
Fans were able to get real time data and stats on their favorite Super Bowl teams and players, as well as what was trending for fans in social media across the nation. I collaborated with the team and put together designs and interactions that would make each screen feel fresh, exciting, while feeding the user the stats they were looking for in an easy scan-able and intuitive format.


Levi's Stadium
Create Your 49ers Historical Character
In this unique experience, fans were able select the decade of their choice and the interaction would apply the corresponding uniform.
The user then gets a picture of themselves in the uniform of their choice. Although the goal of this interaction is simple there are still many elements that need to be on the screen at once. I tried to make the experience as seamless as possible through testing with paper prototypes where it felt inherent for these elements to go. Fly in animation also provided a level of hierarchy and priority for these elements.

Build Your Dream Team - Salary Cap
The consumer will get a unique chance to become the 49ers general manager through the salary cap experience. Choose from decades of 49ers to build the highest performing team while staying under today’s salary cap. The user experience in Salary Cap has an intuitive flow - easy for users of all ages, and NFL experience to understand. The user is presented with a constant visual of their salary cap room left while they are choosing their team, educating themselves on player stats and adjusting players to put together the most successful team. I had a fun challenge in that there are many steps to this application but trying to help them through each selection would ultimately be a really fun game experience with a cool a takeaway at the end of in the creation of an ultimate dream team.

Combine Experience
Created and designed for MetLife stadium, a virtual combine experience was setup for fans to get their competitive juices flowing. I loved creating a world in which physical and digital meet. The user is asked to step on a mat and run along a running back, or see how they stack up against the computer in throwing a digital ball through the digital hoops. I created a multi-level gaming experience which involved varying level of difficulty where reaction time, precision, reaction and accuracy were all factors.